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Dmitry, scuba instructor and dive guide Pattaya Divers

My name is Dmitry Polyakov, I began my career as a scuba instructor and dive guide in the waters of Thailand in 2012. Since then I have performed thousands of underwater adventures both in the Andaman sea and the Gulf of Siam where I became closely acquainted with the best dive sites the country has to offer. My favourite destinations are the Similan islands and Koh Chang, both of which are famous for their clear waters and abundance of large marine life, such as whales, manta rays, and whale sharks. Let me guide you through a few diving safaris to the remote island dive sites where we'll find some amazing rare marine creatures and film a story of our deep blue expedition. For beginners I have designed an author's educational program with a direct submarine route from the Pattaya turtle islands to the coral gardens of the Samaesan archipelago and beyond to the crystal clear waters of the National Marine Park in Koh Chang.


Alyona, scuba instructor and dive guide Pattaya Divers

My name is Alena Kostina, former university lecturer, joined the «Pattaya Divers» Scuba School as a divemaster in 2016 and became an open water scuba instructor a year later. I'm glad to help to obtain the knowledge and skills of those who are preparing to step in the deep and get certified as scuba divers; for the experienced — to improve their technique and deepen awareness while examining the vast variety of the ship wrecks in Pattaya and Phuket.


Course and fun-diving program

4 scuba-days in Pattaya, Samaesan and Koh Chang

If you are a good swimmer and feel confident in the water, the Open Water Diver course only takes three days. Every day we make two dives at various islands close to Pattaya: on the first day — the near islands, on the second — the far islands, on the third — the islands of the Samaesan archipelago, which are located 60 kilometers south of Pattaya. The course not only involves exercises and studying theory, but also six exciting underwater excursions to get acquainted with the plentiful fauna of the Gulf of Thailand. Students who complete the course are awarded an Open Water Diver certificate «Pattaya Divers» Scuba School. After completion of this course you will be qualified to dive to 18 meters.

After that, we head out to the Koh Chang National Marine Park, located 250 kilometers south of Pattaya, where we perform three more exciting dives: the first — at the wreck of HTMS "Chang" — the dive site that has earned worldwide fame due to the high transparency of the water and frequent visits of whale sharks; the second and third dives will be on the coral gardens at the underwater rocks of Hin Lak But and Hin Rap.

For serious divers who are keen to continue their training we can teach you all PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) courses from beginner to divemaster level.


Program includes

  • theory study
  • familiarization with the culture and safety rules on diving
  • visits to distant islands
  • exercises with scuba in the water
  • acquaintance with underwater inhabitants
  • filling out a diver's log book, which records the experience of a scuba diver
  • presentation of the Open Water Diver certificate
  • a trip to Koh Chang and 3 dives in the Marine Park, including "Chang Wreck"
  • meals on board of the diveboats
  • photos and videos of our dives are published in the social networks (shooting by order — 1500 baht) 



1st  day (8:00–16:00) Confined water: first training dives at the near islands
2nd day (8:00–17:30) Open water: exercises and underwater excursions at the far islands
3rd day (8:00–18:30) Two dives up to 18 meters off the Samaesan archipelago
4th day (4:00–23:00) Trip to Koh Chang, 3 dives in the Marine Park

We provide

  • certified instructors who will pass on to you the vast experience accumulated by professionals
  • qualified underwater guides who are well acquainted with the dive sites
  • the best dive spots, hard-to-reach and not offered by other dive centers
  • specialized dive boats equipped with rescue and first aid equipment
  • underwater photo and video shooting by a skilled operator
  • your dives are recorded in the log book, signed by the instructor, and stamped by the dive center


Scuba equipment we use



Boats we work aboard

Scuba diver certificate awarded after the course


Students for the PADI Open Water Diver course receive a PADI certificate:




Open Water Diver (3 days/6 dives) 13,500
Advanced Open Water Diver (2 days/5 dives) 9900
Rescue Diver (3 days) 13,000
Emergency First Response (1 day) 3000
Wreck Diver (2 days/4 dives) 9000
Deep Diver (2 days/4 dives) 9000
Night Diver (2 days/4 dives) 9000
Enriched Air Nitrox Diver (1 day/2 dives) 4000
Divemaster (10 days/20 dives) 25,000


Discover Scuba Diving (for beginners: 1 day/2 dives)   4400
Scuba Review (1 day/2 dives)   4400
Fun Diving: corals and shipwrecks (1 day/2 dives) 3400
Samaesan: «Hardeep Wreck» and corals (1 day/2 dives) 3800
Koh Chang: «Chang Wreck» and corals (1 day/3 dives) 7500


Discover Scuba Diving (for beginners: 1 day/2 dives) 5000
Alhambra Rock (1 day/3 dives) 4000
«PAK‐1 Wreck» (1 day/2 dives) 6500
Safari to Koh Chang (2 days/7 dives) 13,000

Koh Chang

Discover Scuba Diving (for beginners: 1 day/2 dives) 5000
«Chang Wreck» and corals (1 day/3 dives) 5000
Koh Rang Marine Park (1 day/3 dives) 5000


Discover Scuba Diving (for beginners: 1 day/2 dives) 4500
«King Cruiser Wreck» and corals (1 day/3 dives) 4500
Phi Phi Island (1 day/3 dives) 4500

Khao Lak

Discover Scuba Diving (for beginners: 1 day/2 dives) 5000
«Sea Chart‐1 Wreck» or «Boonsung Wreck» (1 day/2 dives) 4000
Similan Islands or Surin (1 day/2 dives) 5600
Safari to the Similan Islands and Surin (2 days/6 dives or longer) 14,000


Discover Scuba Diving (for beginners: 1 day/2 dives) 5000
Koh Ngam Noi and «Prab Wreck» (1 day/3 dives) 5000



Pattaya Divers

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